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Sparkling Wine

Domaine Saint Michelle Brut
Columbia Valley, Washington                   Bottle 30
Delicate aromas of green apple, bright citrus notes with a persistent bubble and balanced acidity. It’s driven by clean minerality and a modest phenolic bite that will make it sing. 

Domaine Saint Michelle Brut RoséColumbia Valley, Washington                   Bottle 30
Aromas of ripe strawberries with hints of apple and citrus. The initial impression is lively yet dry with subtle spice and berry flavors followed by an elegant, delicately sweet finish.

Torresella Prosecco
Italy                                   Bottle  34
The aroma brings a fragrance of Spring flowers, pear and apple, while on the palate, a fine string of bubbles circle around. The flavor is soft, with a creamy fruitiness that hints of almond.

William Wycliff California Brut Champagne NV
California                         Bottle 24
A blend of premium California grapes. Fruity with a touch of strawberry and the perfect amount of sugar. It is crisp and finishes on the upswing, without the leaden malty taste that champagnes have.
Great thing come from The Barrel, Boulder and Estes Park Colorado
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